The script called for a heavier, less-refined predecessor to the Avengers' iconic Quinjet.  The design challenge was multi-faceted:  Create a believable, mid-90's military prototype that is recognizable as a spaceflight-capable cousin of its modern contemporary.

final quadjet exterior front (above) and rear (below)

EARLY SPACE- BOUND CONCEPT (above) concept of belly and color way exploration (below)

early exploration of THE jet as A HYBRID OF NASA'S ENTERPRISE ORBITER AND THE QUINJET (above and below)

early quadjet designs featured in classic nasa black and white thermal tile (above and below)

Built to survive a harsh environment, the Skrull bunker would require asymmetrical organic shapes dictated by extreme winds.  The shapes of various fungi were combined with machined edges to arrive at a design that satisfied the script's demands.

rapid ideation of initial forms (above & below)

proposed final designs (above & below)

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